Thursday, June 14, 2018

Above Water

Above Water

By Shaire Blythe
Monday, January 15, 2018

Look at me, pitiful
Trying to see what's beautiful
Tell me that I've had enough
I've been broken to stand my ground

Smell the smoke in the air
Everybody's gathered there
Sometimes I wanna disappear
Maybe then I'll know I'm found

Cause nothing's quite like it seems
Caught up in turbulent seas
Gotta stay afloat

I was walking along
A narrow path few have roamed
Not a care
But trouble's everywhere

Fire persistent
I'm trying to listen
Give me the distance
I'll obey

Let me stay
Let me breathe
Just one second

Keep me
Don't abandon
I know the depths of stranded
I'm still holding on

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Just Wanna

Just Wanna

By Shaire Blythe
April 29, 2015

Your skin makes everything right
So come home with me tonight
I'll give you love you ain't never seen
Leave you where you can't speak

I'm not the typical
You're gonna have to work more
For me to give you everything you've ever dreamed of

But you can have it
I just wanna...
You can have it
Don't tell a soul
Might get the wrong impression

Monday, June 11, 2018

Off Of Me

Off Of Me

By Shaire Blythe
September 30, 2017

Proof of the abuse, word to word
I made my excuses
A naïve little girl

Caught up in what love was, to me
You'd say I was causing such a fuss over nothing
Then tell me whose makeup lies on the sink
So life's not like the movies?
All the lies come to light,

I have lost the peace
Was it never there, or buried in your confusion?
I must go by what I've seen
And that's plenty

You can have it all
I don't want no part
Take whatever you want, but not my destiny
I much rather walk by myself
I still wish you well
But I'm clean, washing you off of me

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Searching For Yourself In Your Cities

Searching For Yourself In Your Cities

By Shaire Blythe
Saturday, June 2, 2018

That fire soul, it haunts you
Satan’s road, driven times two
I’m way too cold to feel your desert heat

I heard you hiked to Vegas’ dome
Skipped prayers, put on quite a show
I’m sorry, you had no one to turn to

I’ve seen your distant eyes glazed over
On the verge of lips being blue 
And I knew, I couldn’t save you

That cloudy haze, it still haunts you 
Can’t stay down, no one finds you 
I’ve been pushed too far, you’ll never give relief

Enjoying how New York has come to be a home
But we know you’ll always choose alone
Those night lights are to fade

Is it true you’ve found the sacred Quarters 
Lost yourself to broken levees and the waters
I’m sure that someone must’ve seen you
Trumpets play and the rhythms are your breakthroughs
Guess if New Orleans wants you, let them love you
Cause you don’t know love anymore 

Monday, May 28, 2018



By Shaire Blythe 
Monday, May 28, 2018

Every little thing about you
I’m dying for

Every time I think about you
I want you more

What a tragedy
You’re out of reach
They can’t compete
I’m desperately 
Pushing the 
Currents that come my way
Saving face
When I want us to breakthrough 

Am I the bad guy
I waste the time

Going with flows
But what a waste of time 

I fight myself
I learnt control
I know the story
The one you want
You can only hope
So why am I stuck
Your chapter, I rewrite 
Wanting us to breakthrough 

You’ve never made sense
Since beginning 
My weakness 
Even when you shouldn’t have been 

Dodged em all with my focus on you
Just to have you, no resistance
Got to have you 
Now I should be moving on
But I just run,
From what I think is real
And wait
For the breakthrough 

Monday, May 21, 2018

It Doesn’t Go Away

It Doesn’t Go Away

By Shaire Blythe 
Monday, May 21, 2018

Drowning in my darkness
I think I’ll stay here 

I might reach my happiness
If I stay here

Cause it’s nothing to be left behind
It’s nothing to take time, 
trying to do what’s right
Trying to feed my mind
Trying to make it through the night

So I’ll stay

Would’ve been lost without you
My beginnings

I know that I might lose me
My evolving beliefs

Cause it’s nothing to be blind
It’s nothing to run and hide,
Memories, I view them well
The hardest things, I cannot tell
But I cry

And they’ll stay

I wouldn’t change anything
I believe that everything 
Has scarred me up to give me strength 

I wouldn’t change anything 
The dark helped me find my way

So I’ll stay here
And I can’t be sorry
I’ll stay here

Sunday, May 20, 2018



By Shaire Blythe 
Sunday, May 20, 2018

I’ve been wicked
Got what I wanted just to fall off the deep end

I’ve been tripping 
Closed myself up to get back to square one
My innocence 

Isn’t it all just a big lie
Living for my past life
Or my brand new

This is the me you wasn’t used to
Dying for the feeling
Dying for what I knew I 
would have 
Even if not to keep it

Call me crazy 
I’ve seen it lately
The divide of my chosen lives
Born of Hades
And fighting just to see the light
But I don’t know
Stolen hope
I guess I’ll come around

I’ve been thinking 
Why take what comes so serious

The world’s been sinking
I don’t wanna burn out like the rest of them

I’ve breached the ceiling
Might be worse than the best of them

Bred from deceit, man
I’ll be sure to give a crash course

Trying not to live a lie
Fighting against my past life 
Or who I am 

Time will tell the tale
Which soul wins or fails
I’m breathing to choose a side

Call me crazy 
I’ve seen it lately
The divide of my chosen lives
Born of Hades
And fighting just to see the light
But I don’t know
Stolen hope

I guess I’ll come around
To the love that I love the most

I guess I’ll come around
To the bodies and naked souls I give in to

I guess I’ll come around 
To the storms of war
That left the oceans torn
And people on their knees 
Weeping and shaken 
And pleading for their lives 

I guess I will try and fix me

Monday, May 14, 2018

Your Criminal

Your Criminal 

By Shaire Blythe
Monday, May 14, 2018

Fear at the heart
Not even dark
I still feel you creeping

Knew it right from the start
The hidden parts
Can be so deceiving 

No one around
On shaky ground 
And I’m close to madness

Let me keep awake
Would you let me?
Keep me safe
Would you?
Give me peace to make it through alive
Don’t embrace your criminal 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Twelve Lakes

Twelve Lakes 

April 20, 2018
By Shaire Blythe 

I went searching for all the reasons 
Regret if we had never showed up
My life wide open, 
I know what it’s like to run
Into twelve lakes just for adventure 
But for you, I entered a new season  

There’s no looking back right now 
Girls gotta calm me down 
I just can’t figure you out
You’re all the things I do adore 
I’m weakened, and you know it
Only you got me, for sure 
I wanna stay here, placid
Baringly explore some more 
For now, I know better 
Keep on moving love

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sweet Plague

Sweet Plague

By Shaire Blythe 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Russ come on
Ima think of ya
You know I gotta thing for ya 
The nights be so long

Think I lost my way for ya
Maybe I was in right place for ya
Didn’t know what I was coming toward
But can I have some more?

Wasting time
I made room to explore
Out of my mind 
Like a tug of war
Can’t catch my breath 
Sweet ignorance plagues my head
But I’m sure
I’m sure
You’re worth fighting for

Hands down
I would stick with ya
No bounds
I just go and go
Just give me the signal
And I’ll come on home

Nothing is something 
Got no complaints 
If I could have it my way
We won’t play it safe
Switch up the game 

Come through
No denying 
Come through
No more hiding
Your sins most exciting
I’ll give in, just for you
Crazy deliverance 
Sweet innocence plagues my head
But I’m sure
I’m sure
You’re worth fighting for

Russ come on
Ima think of ya
Know I got a thing for ya 
Last night was so long

Sunday, April 22, 2018

We Do What We Do

We Do What We Do

By Shaire Blythe
April, Friday 20, 2018

Smoke that,
Ima fall back
You do what you do

Taking my time
Sipping just fine
Where did the time go?

Feel the rush 
Like it’s only us
I forgot its been that long

Stuck in my ways
What I had found
Don’t knock my high

But I had to change
You came with haze
And I couldn’t be still

I cannot lie
I loved the nights
And I wanted more times

To let myself go
To free up my mind 
To lose self control 
To commit my crime 

Hold me
Ima let you
But don’t tell a soul 

Real chills
No origins
I’ll just go with them 

They needed release
Your haven’s safe space 
Don’t deny

Keeping it real
In your own way
You feel the same 

I did regret
Letting you slip
But we’re back again

We had to change 
Go through a phase
Meet another end

I will not lie
I loved the nights
Waiting for the next times

To let myself go
To free up my mind 
To lose self control 
To commit my crime

Maybe we will
Maybe we won’t
We just don’t know

If there is a will
There is a way
Save for another day

I just want ya

To let myself go
To free up my mind 
To lose self control 
To commit my crime